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Pizzeria dell angolo Vittuone Milano IT
Mega Pizza and great Cooking!
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Agriturismo Etna Quota Mille
Mega Location on the Hills of Etna Sicilly. Great antipasti!
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Ristorante Campo delle Stelle di Re Giovanni Vagnzano Milano It
Best Basic Food ever had in Italy! Nothing decoraded but perfect Taste and Textures - Love it!
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Auberge de l'ill Illhäusern F (Häberlein) Michelin ***
Christmas-Menue 2007
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Gill Rouen F Michelin **
2007 Wonderful Menu
2009 Great with Molekular-Hints
2011 Ok, with moldy Raspberries on Dessert
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Creperie Ty Billig Quimperle F
Great, fresh made Galette and Crepes
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La Taverne Alsacienne (Ingersheim F)
Chef Jean Phillippe Guggenbühl

I'm a great Fan of his Kitchen! He cooks exactly as i love Food.
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Gasthaus zum Gupf CH
Michelin *
Rock-Solid Restaurant with European-France based Kitchen and great Winelist. Walter Klose is the Chef here.
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Wein & Sein Bern CH Michelin *
New Management and Chef 2.2013! Was good, hope to be even better in Future.
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Restaurant Rössli (Stefan Wiesner) Michelin *
Great, and Interesting Dishes but also difficult to understand.
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Wy Hof Sursee CH
Really great traditional country cooking from friend Roger Portmann.
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Thuri Maag CH
He is not a Chef any more, but he was one of the best Chefs of Switzerland for over 20 years.
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Nahm London GB Michelin *
The Restaurant with Chef David Thompson is Closed. To Sad!
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Yamazato Amsterdam NL Michelin *
We had the Kaiseki-Menu and hoped for more.
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Landhaus Bacher Mautern A Michelin **
As we were there Female-Chef Lisl Bacher cooked and it was one of the best Meals ever!
Hope that the new Chef Thomas Dorfer can hold up to that.
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Benkei Wien A
Still one of the best Sushi ever. Female Chef and Owner stands her self behind the desk and prepares great Sushi/Sashimi
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Pierre Hermé Paris F
To me greatest Patissier of western World. I special love his Isphan-Rose-Patisserie!
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Ernst Knam Milano IT
Named "Re del chocolato", well most Pralines have the same easy shape, fillings were good, and liked his backed patisserie.
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Christophe Roussel Paris F
Great looking and good but not great tasting Patisserie.
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Pasticeria Busnelli Arluno IT
Good Panetone and Patisserie.
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Henri le Roux Paris /Quiberon F
Great Chocolatier. We had a lot of Fun eating his Praline-Creations
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Patrick Roger Paris F
We found the Chocolates good but not great and not worth the prize. At his Boutique there's always great sculptures.
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Sadaharu Aoki Paris F
We found his Patisserie dos not live up to Hermé but he has a Japanese-French-Fusion that is interesting.
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ChefAlbino's Homecooking. Pic-Heavy!

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Some great Wines i had the opportunity to Taste.

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Cooking Classes at EBL Liestal CH
every 3 Month a new Theme. Themes can be a Country or something else.

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ChefAlbino's Chocolat-Work.
It's more a Hobby for Family and Friends.
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ChefAlbino's Suhsi-Classes
at St. Gallen / Thurgau
i Love Sushi for 25 Years now and autodidactic learned how to prepare it.
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I Love to cook with Friends together.
Especially with Erik and Frederik it's fun and relaxing.
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For a few years i had several apprentices.

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I Love Knifes and Sharpening-Stones. Rarely i do smiting one. Using a sharp Knife is crucial to fine cooking.
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At Work, there is not much Time to shoot around with the Camera :-)

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ChefAlbino's Homecooking. Pic-Heavy!